The Bane of Being a Warrior-Protector

Through bad calls, bad deployments, bad days, and bad years, societies’ protectors must bear the burdens and carry the pain that most people will never—ever—understand.

After Trauma—5 Ways to Manage Stress

Five strategies to help us endure pain and overcome challenges. When I wrote my book Warrior SOS: Military Veterans’ Stories of Faith, Emotional Survival and Living

Psychological CPR and Survival

A few years ago an experienced police officer told me of an incident he had where he should have used lethal force, but didn’t.  He

Potty Talk

Note: This is not a post about bad language; it’s about negative (and positive) self-talk…so, I guess it is about bad language. Seriously, this is

crime scene do not cross tape across sidewalk

Curbing Officer Suicide

While the risk of COVID-19 is causing mass panic, anxiety and, in some cases, outright hysteria, there is a much greater risk to law enforcement

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