Public Safety Courses for Individuals & Agencies

Training courses include State of Utah Approved Peer Support Certification, Suicide Awareness & Intervention, Battle Mindset and Officer Safety, and Officer-Involved Shootings—A Necessary Paradigm Shift for Officer Wellness

Upcoming Training Dates:

  • 1-Day Peer Support Training Certification – June 27, Sandy PD

                      10000 S Centennial Pkwy, Sandy, UT 84070

  • Debriefings & Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)– July 11, Sandy PD

                      10000 S Centennial Pkwy, Sandy, UT 84070

Individual & Department

Peer Support Program Certification

The 1-Day Public Safety Peer Support Certification course is designed to assist students who are or who may be assigned as peer support team members. Training includes a completion certificate as well as a training manual. 

Peer supporters help decrease stress-related emotional and behavioral problems among public safety members, and thus, decrease the negative impact of these problems on coworkers, family members, the agency, and the public. 

Students who attend this course will gain understanding and increase skills in detecting various warning signals about suicide and traumatic stress, understand how to best respond as peers, and gain knowledge on starting or enhancing a peer support program. 

Investment: $175 per person

The 2-day Public Safety Peer Support Certification course covers basic and advanced topics for setting up, managing, and operating an effective peer support program within public safety agencies. 

Attendees will acquire knowledge, gain confidence, and be better prepared for crisis. Training includes a completion certificate as well as a comprehensive training manual. 

This course is open to all law enforcement officers, corrections staff, firefighters, EMS, dispatchers and call takers, civilian support staff, administrators, supervisors, peer support teams, retirees, chaplains, search and rescue volunteers, agency mental health professionals, vetted volunteer citizens and vetted spouses. 

Investment: $325 per person

Contact FR First if your agency is interested in hosting a course.

Individual & Department

Additional Courses

This (in-person) half-day course teaches public safety professionals (sworn and civilian) advanced skills for identifying, intervening, and preventing suicide and suicidality in coworkers and community members. 

Additionally, participants will establish skills in conducting crisis responses planning, as well as postvention assessments and investigations. 

This course is open to all public safety personnel, both sworn and civilian.

Investment: $125 per person

This (in-person) half-day course takes an in depth look at why we do the things we do following an officer-involved critical incident (OICI) and offers new evidence on best practices for the mental health and wellness of individuals and entire agencies following the use of lethal force, including when officers are injured or killed. 

Students will examine a variety of policies and practices, including but not limited to, the efficacy of various post critical incident intervention models, including debriefings, the immediate aftermath and best practices following an OICI, the role of peer support and mental health professionals, as well as various policies and procedures regarding mandatory mental health interviews and how to best implement them. 

Overall, this course will help you reexamine and strengthen your own beliefs, practices, and organizational policies when it comes to these types of critical incidents.

Investment: $125 per person

Participants will learn about the components of psychological first aid and stress debriefings, including Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM).

They will learn how to best help themselves and their coworkers following a potentially traumatizing event (PTE) utilizing a variety of post critical incident intervention techniques and debriefing models.

Participants will also discuss potential risks of utilizing some debriefing methods, of getting the wrong type of help, or no help at all. Additionally, attendees will explore principles of wellness, peer support, crisis response planning, and ongoing support surrounding trauma and tragedies.

Investment: $225 per person

Contact FR First if your agency is interested in hosting a course.

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