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Specialized training, coaching & consulting plus licensed counseling and therapy for public safety agencies, First Responders and their families.

Offices in Bountiful and Layton, Utah, as well as virtual appointments available.

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Training Services

Consulting Services

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Counseling & Therapy

For individuals & Public Safety Agencies

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1. Click on the "Contact Us" button

2. Fill out the form with information about how to contact you and where you are located

3. Let us know if your request is URGENT, for training, consulting, or individual counseling.

Note: We can also be available in the evenings and on holidays and weekends ⁠— because First Responders work those times too. Additionally, if a first responder is in crisis or needs to get an appointment quickly, we can accommodate that.

Offices in Bountiful and Layton, Utah, as well as virtual appointments available.

From those I have worked with


"Jeff was a real asset during a critical time for our police department [after] we had lost an officer due to suicide."
—Chief Mike Nelsen
Brigham City Police Department
"His command of the language is of a high quality and he organizes and presents his thoughts in a clear, cogent manner.… I have very high regard for this man."
—Robert S. Patterson
"He is truly one of the ‘best of the best. Jeff’s leadership capability is outstanding.… His people skills are outstanding."
—Dr. R. Craig Shakespeare
Col. US Army
"I have reached out to Jeff on several occasions when I have run into a tough situation at work. Every time, Jeff has responded quickly with references or services for our people. Jeff has played a pivotal role in the success of our peer support team."
—Lt. Kevin Hunter
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office
"Mr. Denning is a very pleasant person to work with. He has a frank, open nature with abundant good humor and respect for others… He has a personal magnetism that has a positive influence on those he associates with, and quickly wins the confidence of acquaintances."
—Joseph M. Ballantyne
former Vice President, Cornell University
"Jeff has the unique ability to teach difficult concepts is a way which makes learning that concept both interesting and fruitful... His wisdom and 'common sense' approach to life is inspirational."
—David Handy
Area Vice President
"Jeff is the real deal. His life is insightful and filled with real world human interest stories, humor, intensity and a powerful theme of being involved in the gritty world of hard and soft."
—David Burnell

Training, coaching, Consulting, and PEER Counseling for First Responders

Helping you Achieve individual Wellness and Organizational Stability

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